Family cafe and restaurant located in the heart of Sevid provides typical Dalmatian grilled dishes, pizzas and pastas.

Sevid is a small and beautiful sea-side village just 15 min away from great night-life and 45 min from Split, Croatia (2nd largest city in Croatia).

Sevid, just hidden from the city noise and close enough to see everything. Sunny and hidden corner of the Mediterranean, ideal for real holiday.

Explore Sevid


Sevid is beautiful vacation place with great opportunities to ride a bike, swim, or just take long walks down its natural paths or beaches. However, Dalmatia is a great place to explore and discover amazing hidden corners. Plan to have excursions during your stay in Sevid to make it even more exciting vacation. Depending on you feeling adventures to try rafting, sea kayaking or horseback riding or just you are in taking easy boat rides around amazing islands or walking down the national park KRKA, we will make sure you have a wonderful time. Prepare yourself for exploring new and amazing places


Sevid is small and quiet place. Turists and locals in Sevid after a wonderful dinner in Toni’s restaurant usually walk down the beach under the amazing stars full of sky and sound of the waves. Younger people usually spends their evenings sitting out on docks singing and playing guitar. But if you do decide to have more urban type of fun we recommend you to visit Admiral night club in Rogoznica in marina FRAPA which is just 15 minutes drive from Sevid or you can surf the clubs and cafes in Trogir which is only 30 minutes drive away. The Admiral night club in Rogoznica offers every day live music /entertainment program and it is truly an exclusive place to visit.


Sevid is full of small beaches. Some of them are pebbles, sandy, rocky and even cement. The beauty of it is that they are all upon the 10 min walk reach. Special natural phenomenon is that when it is windy on one side of peninsula it is complete calm on the other end, almost as it is not the same peninsula which allows you to enjoy your swimming almost at all times. We recommend to visit Old Trogir lagoon beach which uniquely sandy and unusual for Dalmatian cost.


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SEVID is a small and beautiful sea-side village just 15 min away from great night-life and 45 min from Split, Croatia (2nd largest city in Croatia). This is your perfect vacation spot where you get clear sea, great foods, good rest and when you wish for more it is just a minutes away.
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